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Litigation Lawyers

Insurance Defense and Subrogation Attorneys
  At SWENSON, STORER, ANDREWS & FRAZELLE, P.C. our attorneys have extensive experience in the investigation of claims to minimize exposure for our clients.  We represent large corporations, insurance companies, construction companies, professionals and other entities responsible for paying insurance claims.

Aggressive Defense Involving Insurance Disputes
   Insurance claim disputes may arise after a car accident, house fire or personal injury.  If you or your insurance company is being held liable for an accident, it is important to consult with an experienced legal team as soon as possible to investigate the facts of your case and preserve all relevant evidence.  We will review the case facts and consult with witnesses and experts to determine whether a claim is valid.  Our legal team excels in alternative dispute resolution techniques, but we are also prepared to aggressively defend your interests in Court.

Our Attorneys are Experienced in Claims Involving:

  • Product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Large vehicle liability
  • Vertical Transportation (elevators and escalators)
  • Construction defect
  • Subrogation
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Hospitality industry liability
  • Auto insurance liability
  • Municipal liability
  • Homeowner’s’ insurance
  • Special education and school administration

Trusted Advocacy to Minimize Insurance Liability
   We will take a strategic approach to minimize the impact of an insurance claim.  Attorneys from our office have requisite experience to prevent exposure to money damages and limit the expense costs of our clients.  Remember that time is of the essence!  Contacting an advocate and working to build a defense from the outset increases your opportunities to successfully defeat claims.

    Our firm offers experienced counsel and attentive advocacy to protect the interest of our clients.  We offer over 120 years of combines experience in subrogation and insurance defense litigation, allowing us to identify the important tasks which need to be dealt with to place your case in a settlement or trial posture. ​​

   For more information about our firm or how we can help you resolve your case or dispute, please call 602-274-4778 or follow this link for direct lines.  You can also reach our Phoenix, Arizona injury lawyers by e-mail.